Threatened species in NSW need your help

We need your help to do more for threatened species in New South Wales.

Child's hand resting on a tree trunk

We are over halfway through the $100 million investment in Saving our Species (SoS). Last year, SoS invested in projects for over 400 threatened species and ecological communities.

There is much more to be done. 

Commitment to threatened species conservation requires sustainable collaboration – we all need to work together to do more for threatened species. 

The SoS Contestable Grants have been announced. We are working with people across New South Wales to implement on ground action with grants of up to $350,000.

Partnerships are already a large part of the success of the program as highlighted in the SoS Summer 2019 newsletter. That is why we are asking for others around New South Wales to join us in Saving our Species.

How can you do this? 

Tools labelled 'NPWS' for use by volunteersSoS has launched a prospectus – a conversation starter that outlines ready-to-go opportunities for many plants and animals. We want to hear from you about how people in your workplace, sporting or community club or school would like to be involved.

Your involvement could be direct investment to support on-ground actions for a plant and animal. Or your community or staff may like to volunteer or become citizen scientists

If you are interested in any of the projects in the prospectus, or getting involved in the SoS program, get in touch:

With almost 1000 threatened species in New South Wales, we all have a role to play in doing more for threatened species. 400 threatened species and ecological communities.