Tours on offer as park turns 50

Kinchega National Park near Broken Hill, is kicking off celebrations for its 50 years as a national park with a tag along tour through some of its key sites.

Kinchega Woolshed, Kinchega National Park

NPWS Ranger Julieanne Doyle said the park had an amazing history that was still visible, from the hearths of the Traditional Owners, to the woolshed of its pastoral days to the threatened species now protected in the national park.

“Kinchega embodies so many things about the psyche of the Australian outback.

“It’s really a coming together of many of the aspects of Australian history and heritage and it is awesome to have it on the doorstep of Broken Hill.

“Kinchega was the first national park declared west of the Great Dividing Range and is a great showcase of how Australia has evolved.

“The tag along tours will explore all of these aspects of the park with plenty of interesting stops along the way.

“There is a cost per vehicle to enable visitors to have the knowledge and insights of a Traditional Owner and Ranger as they explore the landscape, including places not usually accessible for visitors.

“The first tour will occur on Friday 17 March, with further tours being planned for later in the year.

“We know this is before the busy St Pats weekend in Broken Hill and we are hoping some of the many people who flock to the town for that weekend will come and discover, or re-discover the park.

“Visitors on the tour will have a chance to explore the historic woolshed, then journey through the back tracks of Kinchega to see the threatened Purplewood Wattle. 

“We will stop for a cuppa by the edge of Lake Cawndilla before heading for the shade of the River Red Gums on the Darling River.

“The tour will take 4-5 hours and a high clearance vehicle is required.

“The tour is suitable for all ages and cost is per car, so fill it up and come and help us celebrate half a century as a park, but thousands of years of heritage,” Ms Doyle said.

For bookings please contact the Broken Hill NPWS office on (08) 8080 3200 Monday to Friday.

Contact: Jacki Roberts