In the nick of time - saving the yellow-spotted bell frog

Thought to be extinct in the wild for over thirty years, the spectacular Critically Endangered yellow-spotted bell frog was rediscovered in a creek in the Yass area in 2010.

Joint trail bike patrols in Barrington Tops National Park in front of 'No Rego No Ride' sign

The joint law enforcement operations are tackling illegal activity and anti-social behaviour in the area’s reserves, and also helping to protect local ecological communities which are home to many rare and threatened plant and animal species.

“While the vast majority of visitors to local parks are well behaved, some people unfortunately engage in illegal activity. This is not only dangerous, but also disturbs park neighbours and the general public, and puts our local wildlife and park assets at risk,” said NPWS Area Manager, Anthony Signor.

“The patrols provide us with an opportunity to work closely with local Police to address issues such as the riding of unregistered motorbikes on public land and driving vehicles in closed areas without authorisation. These activities damage the environment and our fire trails, which is both expensive to fix and impacts our ability to fight wildfires.”

“Over a recent weekend, Police intercepted two unregistered motorcycle owners. Three abandoned cars were also found and Police have taken details for subsequent law enforcement action.”

Riding or driving unregistered motorbikes and other vehicles on public land attracts heavy penalties and accessing areas closed to vehicles may also see offenders issued with fines.

Mr Signor said, “As the June long weekend approaches, NPWS would like to remind visitors in the area to abide by NSW law and NPWS regulations, by observing and complying with all signage around our Parks.”

“We want to protect the unique environment of the Barrington Tops region, as well as make visitors and our local community feel safe while they enjoy our beautiful parks. There are also numerous public trails available across the region’s reserves for four-wheel drives and for licenced riders on registered motorbikes to legitimately enjoy.”

Members of the public can call the NPWS general enquiry line on 1300 361 967 to report illegal activity or phone 000 in emergencies.

For further information about NSW National Parks policies, please visit Park policies.

Images OEH Flickr: Joint Police/NPWS trail bike patrols