Trailer for Discovery leads to South Coast's wildlife secrets

Just like the migrating whales travelling in their thousands along NSW's South Coast, the colourful National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Discovery Tour trailer has also been clocking up kilometres.

NPWS Discovery Education Trailer

"The new NPWS trailer has been busy delivering fun and unique wildlife education to many different South Coast schools, South Coast locals and our visitors," said Barbara Allgaier, NPWS Discovery Coordinator.

"It has been revealing nature's exciting secrets during visits to our local preschools, caravan parks, camping grounds and community events", said Barbara Allgaier.

"One popular program for children is A day in the life of a Shorebird. This program is teaching children and adults how we can all help our endangered beach nesting birds.

"We use fun activities to show what we do to protect these vulnerable little birds from roaming foxes and dogs and careless trampling and disturbance by people during their spring and summer breeding season.

"The trailer also goes to local community events, like the upcoming Eden Whale Festival which starts on Friday 3 November. We will be providing interesting stories and fun facts about whales.

"The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre and our rangers will also be presenting the Wild about Whales program from local lookouts. It's a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to get a better appreciation of these marvellous animals while watching them pass by Twofold Bay.

"A Discovery Ranger and the trailer can bring engaging wildlife stories to your school or community event for a nominal fee," said Barbara Allgaier.

To find out more, or to book a Discovery Tour, contact your local Far South Coast NPWS office at Merimbula on 02 6495 5000 or call our Discovery Coordinator on 0428 425 585.

Photos: Discovery trailer