Volunteer voices Saving our Species

Learn about the a farmers who are protecting the threatened species on their land and see Minister Upton volunteering at Nielsen Park.

Local Upper Lachlan Lancare member Ruth Aveyard

Farmers – our ‘hands-on’ Saving our Species volunteers

Some members of our community become volunteers by default. Their strong interest in caring for the land and the species that call their farms home, means that many landholders join local Landcare and Bushcare groups to work together on conservation and undertake habitat protection and restoration efforts to attract more wildlife to their properties.

Many farmers appreciate that you can achieve both biodiversity and sustainable farming outcomes from protecting native vegetation and replanting trees and shrubs.

To celebrate Threatened Species Day and the recent launch of the Saving Our Superb Parrot project funded by Saving our Species (SoS), one of the project partners Lachlan Landcare created a promotional video that was released on the ABC South East Facebook page last month. The video features some of our farming community volunteers.

Senior Team Leader for Ecosystems and Threatened Species in SoS’s South Hub Damon Oliver told SoS News: ’It's inspiring to work with skilled, enthusiastic and collaborative community partners who know how to network, engage and promote threatened species projects in regional areas using contemporary media avenues, in this case, the local ABC’.

Many of our Landcare partners are also creating their own informative, “hands-on”, training and capacity building videos for members and other landholders and Landcare groups to use,’ Damon added.

A great example is the video from one of our SoS Saving Our Superb Parrot partners, Hovells Creek Landcare Group, who have mastered the art of planting paddock trees and making steel mesh guards that are stock proof and affordable with the assistance of Environmental Trust funding.

Local Hilltops Phoenix newspaper also reported on the project launch.

Minister Upton with weeding teamMinister Upton helps out at Nielsen Park

Threatened Species Senior Team Leader for SoS’s Central Hub Liza Schaeper reports.

Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton and her staff visited Nielsen Park to learn more about SoS’s Nielsen Park she-oak (Allocasuarina portuensis) project – and she was a natural at weeding! Like the regular volunteers who tend to the endangered plant, Minister Upton and the group felt the satisfaction of clearing asparagus fern from an area with a beautiful view of the harbour.