Wallingat National Park's road and fire trail network to be upgraded

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is upgrading the public road and management trail network within Wallingat National Park, to improve park access for firefighters and land managers and ensure they can conduct their work safely and effectively.

Tip to Tail trail, Wallingat National Park

NPWS Area Manager Stephen Smith said the upgrades will ensure fire trails meet strict safety requirements, with an added benefit of improving public access to the park and its associated facilities.

"The upgrades will involve the replacement of timber bridges with more durable and fire-resistant materials, improved drainage, trail surface works and installation of turnaround and passing bays," said Mr Smith.

"Visitors will also benefit from these works with improved road surfaces and passing bays making it easier and safer to access the park's campground, lookout, walking and riding trails.

"We expect these significant works will take around four months to complete, so the park will be closed from Monday 8 March until Wednesday 30 June, subject to weather conditions.

"We ask that all visitors check the NPWS website for updates on the temporary closure and adhere to the warning signs in place at Wallingat," said Mr Smith.

The works in Wallingat National Parks are part of the NSW government's funding of $125.9 million over 4 years to upgrade and maintain the NPWS fire trail network, which is vital for fire prevention and control.

For updates on the temporary closure, visit: Wallingat National Park or call the NPWS Manning Great Lakes Area office on (02) 6591 0300.