West Fest presents forum on heritage

Celebrate Sydney’s cultural heritage during West Fest with a forum about heritage, how it is changing and its future.

Boy throwing a boomerang, Rouse Hill House and Farm

The forum is part of West Fest which runs until 21 October, featuring the arts, crafts, food, music, dance and cultural heritage of Western Sydney’s diverse population.

The forum will discuss the future of heritage across Western Sydney and how changing populations contribute to it.

Christian Hampson, OEH Manager, Heritage Near Me said heritage is not just about artefacts, natural heritage or distant history.

“Cultural heritage is continually developing and is vibrant and alive,” Mr Hampson said.

“It is about our shared experence, our identity and how our past is shaping our present and our future,” he said.

“It plays a vital role in defining who we are.”

The panel will hear from Dr Sarah Barns from UWS, Yamane Fayed from Information and Cultural Exchange, Parramatta, Dr Raymond Kelly University of Newcastle, Fatma Isir Director, Africultures Festival and Jacqui Newling from Sydney Living Museums.

Ms Newling said our heritage allows us to make sense of the present.

“It tells us how we got to be where we are and that helps us to consider the shape of our future,” she said.

“For example, as Sydney Living Museums’ resident gastronomer I use food as lens into history and a way of reflecting on our heritage.

“Environmental, technological, political, economic and social factors all come into play, but food is an important part of our intangible heritage as well, providing us with a deep emotional connection to our past,” she said.

West Fest continues this week with food and culture tours, guided walks, exhibitions and cultural celebrations.

The forum will be held on Thursday 18 October from 6-8.30pm at Skye Hotel Suites, Parramatta. Tickets are free, with complementary refreshments. 

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