Whale removed from Wattamolla Beach

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) removed the whale carcass from the popular Wattamolla Beach, south of Sydney.

Whale, Wattamolla Inlet

Taking advantage of suitable conditions on the high tide early this morning, the NPWS was able to successfully to remove the carcass safely from this popular public swimming beach around 9.30am.

Access to an ocean-going tug enabled the carcass, estimated to weigh more than 40 tonnes, to be towed from the beach and released 20 nautical miles offshore where it is expected to continue its rapid decomposition.

The carcass previously lodged on nearby rocks for a week before floating free and washing onto the beach.

The location of the carcass made alternate options for removing it by other means unviable.

Wattamolla Visitor Precinct in the Royal National Park is open, although the beach remains temporarily closed for swimming.

Images: Whale, Wattamolla Inlet