Yanga Lake yellowbelly environmental watering

Water for the environment has resulted in a fantastic outcome for native fish, waterbirds, recreational anglers, and the local community around Yanga Lake.

The golden perch (Macquaria ambigua) is a medium-sized, yellow or gold-coloured Australian freshwater fish species found primarily in the Murray-Darling River system

Back in August of 2017, 236,000 megalitres of water for the environment was used to fill billabongs and lakes along the Murrumbidgee River system. One of the largest wetlands to benefit from the water for the environment is the 1400-hectare Yanga Lake located in Yanga National Park, just south of Balranald.

In 2017, after a number of years of researching and monitoring environmental flows from the Murrumbidgee into Yanga National Park, we detected a really strong recruitment of golden perch in Yanga Lake. The water for the environment has triggered the yellowbelly to breed, and they've been growing out in the warm, shallow productive waters of Yanga Lake ever since.