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Aboriginal women's heritage - Wollongong

Nine Aboriginal women from the South Coast region of NSW contributed to this booklet, taking part in a project designed to raise the profile of the historical experience of Aboriginal women along the coast of NSW.

The women in this publication recount their working lives and memories across the South coast landscape. Their stories centre on Wollongong, as each has a link or special connection there. They describe many aspects of life at Hill 60, and later at the 'Official Camps' in Port Kembla. Other stories describe their journeys as young women often involving several moves during childhood and employment in domestic service and the factories of Sydney.

Together the women tell of the support and sense of connection that united the Wollongong community. They describe their favourite places, where they played as children, where they fished, collected seafoods and bush tucker to help supplement the family's diet. What stands out is their strong connection to the area, to the places where they feel the presence of the people they have known and of their own loved ones, whose lives are forever .


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