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Oxley Wild Rivers National Park - history of Youdales Hut

This publication is a thematic history of Youdales Hut, a slab-sided mustering hut in the Kunderang Gorges, in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. The hut was built in about 1941 by grazier Alan Youdale and Patrick (Paddy) Hogno, and was the accommodation of the Youdale family while they worked the gorge country for pastoral purposes. In its pastoral heyday, up to 1200 head of cattle were run on Alan Youdale's property.

Just prior to Alan Youdale's death in 1986, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) acquired his leaseholds, which became part of Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. Youdales Hut, which had fallen into considerable disrepair, was painstakingly reconstructed by the NPWS in 1992. It now lies within a restricted-access camping area in the park, and is on the route of the Bicentennial Trail.

This publication gathers together archival material and oral information relating to the hut. It also acts as an assessment of the historical and social significance of the building. The report will assist the NPWS to conserve the hut, and will be integrated into a conservation management project for Youdales Hut and its environs.

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