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Re-gendering the landscape in NSW

This report is concerned with the many ways landscape and gender are understood and represented. It is both a discussion and a literature review, considering a diverse range of writings drawn from different disciplines. The report was written for the Department of Environment and Conservation by Dr Bronwyn Hanna.

The report includes a case study of landscape art and imagery associated with Hill End Historic Site. Hill End is commonly understood as a historic goldmining landscape, with a heavy emphasis on industry and male labour.

The report carefully considers the particular relationship women have had - and continue to have - with Hill End. The imagery tells a different story of the landscape, one where women created and contributed to the making of place, through:

  • homemaking
  • establishing gardens - both decorative and utilitarian
  • running commercial ventures
  • raising and educating children.

The artworks and photographs are a rich visual archive, documenting the continued presence of women at Hill End. They are a significant reminder of women's experience and role in shaping landscapes.

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