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Map of NSW showing locations of lighthouses starting from Cape Byron in the North through to Green Cape in the south Cape Byron (accommodation)
South Solitary Island
Smoky Cape (accommodation)
Sugarloaf Point (accommodation)
Point Stephens
Barrenjoey Head
Inner South Head
Cape Baily
Montague Island
Green Cape (accommodation)

Each of the 10 historic lighthouses managed by OEH has its own style. Some have tall, thin towers rising from the surf, while others sit proudly on top of prominent headlands. Some have powerful lamps sweeping across the ocean, while others are more limited in range. Some are built from granite, others from sandstone or concrete.

But despite their local flavours and differences, these historic landmarks were designed to work as a chain of beacons along the NSW coast, allowing colonial authorities to open up safe routes for trade and commerce to Australia. Built mostly in the late 19th century, our 'coastal highway lights' are from an era when lighthouses and their surrounding cottages were considered important public buildings. They reflect a consistent vision of architectural excellence.

Page last updated: 13 January 2015