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Rehabilitation guidelines for the resort areas of Kosciuszko National Park

The resorts section of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, in conjunction with ski resort operators, has rehabilitation guidelines for disturbed or degraded areas in the ski resorts of Kosciuszko National Park.

These ski resorts contain some of Australia's rarest plant and animal species. Resort development and operation must be carefully managed to minimise the impacts on alpine and sub-alpine habitats. Proper rehabilitation of land disturbed by construction activities is an important component of managing resort activities so habitats are maintained or enhanced in the long term.

These rehabilitation guidelines provide technical advice on how to plan and implement rehabilitation works. The guidelines will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they reflect up-to-date best practice.

You are welcome to send comments or inquiries to the resorts section in Jindabyne:

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Prelim pages - cover, imprint, acknowledgements (20070596prelims.pdf, 731KB)

A    Introduction, background and objectives of rehabilitation (20070596partA.pdf, 975KB)

      A.1    Introduction
      A.2    How to use these guidelines
      A.3    Alps in context
      A.4    Central concepts of rehabilitation
      A.5    Knowledge, skills and responsibilities

B    Planning for rehabilitation (20070596partB.pdf, 443KB)

      B.1    Timing in the planning process 
      B.2    Site assessment for rehabilitation 
      B.3    The rehabilitation plan
      B.4    Examples of completed site assessment and rehabilitation plans 

C    Rehabilitation techniques (20070596partC.pdf, 2.3MB)

      C.1    Soil management  
      C.2    Preparation of plants for rehabilitation
      C.3    Plant management and planting
      C.4    Weed control
      C.5    Protection and maintenance of rehabilitation

Glossary (20070596glossary.pdf, 30KB)


  1. Schedule of contents, intended users and review of guideline (20070596App01.pdf, 37KB)
  2. Proforma and example: site assessment (20070596App02.pdf, 234KB)
  3. Proforma and example: rehabilitation plan (20070596App03.pdf, 917KB)
  4. Rehabilitation of ski runs (20070596App04.pdf, 98KB)
  5. Use of sterile rye corn (20070596App015.pdf, 305KB)
  6. Rehabilitation in the resort villages (20070596App06.pdf, 4.5MB)
  7. Walking track rehabilitation (20070596App07.pdf, 3MB)
  8. Alpine nursery operation (20070596App08.pdf, 20KB)
  9. Rehabilitation species list: Perisher Range Resorts (20070596App09.pdf, 25KB)
  10. Rehabilitation species list: Thredbo and Bullocks Flat (20070596App10.pdf, 21KB)
  11. Rehabilitation species list: Mt Selwyn (20070596App11.pdf, 21KB)
  12. Weeds of the Kosciuszko Region (20070596App12.pdf, 902KB)
  13. Simple soil testing procedures (20070596App13.pdf, 47KB)
  14. Rehabilitation in asset protection zones (20070596App14.pdf, 27KB)
  15. Basic propagation methods (20070596App15.pdf, 187KB)
  16. Checklist for quality control of tubestock (20070596App16.pdf, 27KB)
  17. Monitoring technique: photo points (20070596App17.pdf, 19KB)
  18. Monitoring technique: landscape function analysis (20070596App18.pdf, 24KB)
  19. Recommended resources  (20070596App19.pdf, 34KB)
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