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About us

Parks Eco Pass - apply for a licence

Before you start

Before filling in the application form, make sure that:

The licence application process

Step 1

Fill in the online licence application form.

Step 2

Provide details of your activities/tours, by filling in online tour schedule forms.

Step 3

Pay licence fees, either by cheque or credit card using the following payment form (DOC 48KB) and send it to us.

Step 4

Your application and tour schedule details will be sent to us for assessment. Subject to a conforming application, we provide an 8 week guarantee of service.

Step 5

If your application is approved, we will send you:

  • a formal licence (2 copies) to be signed and returned

Step 6

When we receive the signed licence (2 copies), we will countersign and return both copies together with your guide tags, vehicle tags and certificate.

Page last updated: 07 August 2018