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About us

Rooftop solar showcases our sustainability

Jindabyne solar panels

Rooftop solar panels at the Jindabyne NPWS Office and Visitor Centre. Photo credit: OEH

‘Our Jindabyne National Parks Offices & Visitor Centre building has a huge, sloping, north-facing roof. For years after it was built, you would drive past and see this large roof space and think to yourself, “That would be perfect for solar panels”.

'With the help of a capital works grant, we installed a 13-kilowatt  rooftop solar system late in 2011.

‘Installing the solar panels was just the start of the story for us. Jindabyne has an extreme climate – freezing in winter and baking in summer. With a visitor centre, offices, a café and even a cinema on-site, our energy use was extremely high.

‘When we installed the solar panels, they provided eight per cent of our total energy use. Energy efficiency measures – including roof insulation, energy efficient light bulbs, and automatic temperature regulation – have cut our energy use significantly. Now, the solar panels contribute around nine per cent of our power, saving around $5,700 each year. In 2013 an additional 12-kilowatt system was added for the café, bringing the total solar capacity to 25 kilowatts and resulting in even more savings.

‘The building is a more comfortable place to work now, but – even better – we’re making sustainability part of our workplace culture. We advocate sustainability to the ski resorts in the Kosciuszko National Park, so we need to practise what we preach. This has also led to the subsequent installation of solar panels right across the NPWS Southern Ranges Region including the Lake Jindabyne, Blowering and Khancoban works depots and the recently constructed Khancoban office. Now, anyone who sees our buildings knows we’re committed to sustainability.’

Virginia Logan, Environmental Management Officer, National Parks and Wildlife Service

Page last updated: 28 January 2016