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Sharing kinship with nature: how reconciliation is transforming the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

The 'Sharing Kinship with Nature' project was designed to help give non-Indigenous NPWS staff a better understanding of Aboriginal kinship with the natural world. The aims of the project were to:

  • advise the NPWS about how field staff, such as rangers and area managers, could recognise and adopt aspects of Aboriginal kinship with the natural world as part of their work practice and identity
  • discuss ideas and options with NPWS staff and Aboriginal community representatives
  • provide an indication of whether other park management agencies around the world or in other parts of Australia have attempted to embed respect for kinship values in field operations
  • report on the research and consultation process.

The research follows directly from stage one of the Totemic Landscapes Project, the results of which are presented in the Indigenous Kinship with the Natural World in NSW report.


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