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Publications: 2004

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Environmental Guidelines: Use of Effluent by Irrigation: 

Draft Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Groundwater Contamination

2005 Guide to NSW National Parks (how to get a free copy)

Natural resource management advisory notes

  1. Trees with hollows
  2. Food trees for glossy black-cockatoos
  3. Food trees for yellow-bellied gliders
  4. Food trees that produce nectar
  5. Food trees with fleshy fruits
  6. Nest trees for raptors and waterbirds
  7. Bat roosts
  8. Flying-fox camps
  9. Koala habitat
  10. Old-growth forests
  11. Cultural heritage on private land
  12. Biodiversity - it's everyone's business
  13. Threatened species conservation on private land
  14. Threatened species recovery plans - a guide for landholders
  15. Wildlife corridors


Environmental management on the urban fringe

Summary Evaluation Report - The Drain is Just for Rain

New South Wales Litter Report 2004: litter-rept04.pdf (200KB)

State of the Beaches, 2003-04: Sydney, Hunter & Illawarra regions


Threatened Species Conservation in NSW: Reform Proposal

Cultural Heritage Resources


Environmental Guidelines - Composting and Related Organics Processing Facilities


Aboriginal Women's Heritage: Wollongong

Talking History - oral history guidelines


Beachwatch Partnership Pilot Program: State of the Beaches 2002-03

  • Responsibilities of Consignors 
  • Responsibilities of Prime Contractors 
  • Responsibilities of Vehicle Owners 
  • Responsibilities of Drivers 
  • Shipping (Transport) Documents 
  • Warning Signs for Bulk Goods Vehicles 
  • Warning Signs for Packaged Goods Vehicles

Cover your Load: Important Information for Waste Transporters and the Waste Industry

Noise Guide for Local Government

Dealing with Neighbourhood Noise (brochure)

Dealing with Barking Dogs (brochure)

Managing Noise from Vehicles (brochure)

Managing Noise form Intruder Alarms (brochure)

Road Transport of Dangerous Goods: fact sheets

Mapping attachment: a spatial approach to Aboriginal post-contact heritage


Land Protection Proposal: Regulating the Use of Industrially Sourced Wastes as Fertilisers


Radiation Guideline 6 - Registration requirements & industry best practice for ironising radiation apparatus used in diagnostic imaging (published by EPA)

Draft Pesticides Amendment (Notification) Regulation 2003 - Consultation Document

Report on the Extended Producer Responsibility Preliminary Consultation Program (2004)

Aboriginal Women's Heritage: Brungle & Tumut


Beachwatch Partnership Pilot Proagram: Monitoring and Reporting Coastal Recreational Water Quality - Information Package and Field Manual (2004)

Ambient Air Quality Research Project (1996-2001) - Internal Working Paper no.3: Ambient Concentrations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Species in NSW

Extended Producer Responsibility Priority Statement 2004

Approved Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Water Pollutants in NSW


Industry Sector: Coal Mines: Compliance Performance Report (2004) 

Who Cares About the Environment in 2003? A Survey of NSW People's Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes and  Behaviours (2004)


Radiation Advisory Council Annual Report 2002-03: RACannrep02-03.pdf (87KB)

Aboriginal Women's Heritage: Nowra

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