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Publications: 2005

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Educating the Community About Litter: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour 2000 to 2003

Sydney drinking water catchment audit 2005

BioBanking: a biodiversity offsets and banking scheme - working paper for comment until 28 February 2006.

City and Country Environment Restoration Program


Liquid waste fact sheets - Protecting the environment and your business


Beachwatch and Harbourwatch State of the Beaches 2004-2005

Learning for Sustainability: NSW Environmental Education Plan 2006-09 - draft for comment by Nov 14.


The Environment and NSW Ethnic Communities in 2004

Recycling for local government:

Recycled organics:


Approved methods:

Regulatory Impact Statement: Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2005

Information for the assessment of former gasworks sites

Biodiversity Certification and Banking in Coastal and Growth Areas


Piggeries compliance performance report

Radiation guideline 2: Preparation of radiation safety manuals


Contaminated Sites: Guidelines for Assessing Former Orchards and Market Gardens

Guidance note: Assessing the application of residue wastes to land

Guidance Note: Assessment of non-standard fuels

Three new detailed case studies on stormwater education:


Report by the Pesticides Implementation Committee on the implementation of the Pesticides Act 1999

Revitalising Sydney's National Parks

Does your project make a difference? A guide to evaluating environmental education projects and programs

Information for pest management technicians


Safely disposing of asbestos waste from your home

Ocean Shores to Desert Dunes: the native vegetation of NSW and the ACT

Ambient Air Quality Research Project (1996-2001): Internal Working Paper No. 2 - Ambient Concentrations of Toxic Organic Compounds in NSW

DEC Annual Report 2003-04

Conserving Biodiversity: Threatened Species Legislation Amendment Act 2004


Clean Air Forum 2004: Proceedings of the Clean Air Forum 2004

Aboriginal Women's Heritage - Bourke


Load Calculation Protocol - updated and gazetted 25 February 2005

Talk to Print - a step-by-step guide to publishing oral history

Guidelines for the Burning of Bio-material: Record Keeping and Recording Requirements for Electricity Generating Facilities (Second edition)

Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project: Joint Determining Authority Report


Environmental Compliance Report - Wood Preservation Industry

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