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Publications: 2006

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State of the Environment 2006

DEC Annual Report 2005-06

Handbook for Design and Operation of Rural and Regional Waste Transfer Stations

Sustaining Eco-Friendly Communities

WRAPP Guidelines to Assist Reporting WRAPP Progress for 2005-2007

Learning for Sustainability - NSW Environmental Education Plan 2007-10

Environmental action for manufacturers of furniture and timber products

Environmental action for the printing industry


Extended Producer Responsibility Priority Statement 2005-06 (Revised)

Who Cares about the Environment in 2006?

Beachwatch and Harbourwatch State of the Beaches Annual Report

Beachwatch Partnership Program State of the Beaches Annual Report

Assessment and management of odour from stationary sources

Learning for Sustainability 2007-2010


Draft Lower Hunter Regional Conservation Plan

New national parks and reserves for the Lower Hunter


Refinements to the development and implementation of the Biodiversity Banking Bill after stakeholder consultation

A Guide for Engaging Communities in Environmental Planning and Decision Making

NSW Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2006

WRAPP Progress Report 2006


Design and Operation of Rural and Regional Transfer Stations

NSW RiverBank

Guide to emissions of air impurities from activities & plant

Action for Air 2006 update

Impacts of Protected Areas on the Regional Economy of North-East NSW


NSW RiverBank Business Plan 2006-07

Environmental Compliance Report - Liquid Chemical Storage, Handling and Spill Management: Part C Final Report 

Sustainability Compact between Insurance Australia Group Pty Ltd (IAG) and DEC NSW

Benefits of Recycling Calculator (Revised July 2006)


Guide to the Threatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Banking) Bill 2006

Equollogy: ecology and conservation of quolls in NSW

Urban Sustainability Program 

Strategic Environmental Trust Grants

DEC Corporate Plan 2006-10

Memorandum of Understanding between Sydney Water and Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW)


Biodiversity Certification and BioBanking - A new initiative for threatened species protection

Woodsmoke resources for councils and other local authorities

Managing urban stormwater: harvesting and reuse

Wild about whales: whale watching in NSW

From threatened species website

From Information for authorised officers in local government

Errata for The Environment and Ethnic Communities in 2004 has been updated May 2006, including significant amendments to the media sections of the community profiles. Updated community profile booklets are availabe as PDFs.


Assessing Vibration: a technical guideline

Guidelines for the NSW site auditor scheme


Cost/Benefit of Using Recycled Organics in Council Parks and Gardens Operations in NSW, includes:

Extended Producer Responsibility Priority Statement 2005-06

Air Pollution Economics - Health Costs in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region:

Compliance Audit Handbook

Living Parks - a sustainable visitation strategy for NSW national parks


Avoiding and offsetting biodiversity loss - case studies

New pesticide laws - fact sheets:


Pests, weeds and other threats - fact sheets

Bushfire - fact sheets

Regulatory Impact Statement - Proposed Protection of the Environment (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2005 - for comment until 17 February 2006

Environmental compliance report - liquid chemical storage, handling and spill management:


DEC Annual Report 2004-05

BioBanking: An investigation of market-based instruments to secure long-term biodiversity objectives - background paper:

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