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Threatened and pest animals of Greater Southern Sydney

Trial of Recycled Glass as Pipe Embedment Material


Endangered ecological communities field identification guidelines:

  • Lower Hunter spotted gum – ironbark forest in the Sydney Basin Bioregion
  • McKies stringybark/blackbutt open forest
  • Ribbon gum – mountain gum – snow gum grassy forest/woodland of the New England Tableland Bioregion
  • River-flat eucalypt forest on coastal floodplain
  • Sub-tropical coastal floodplain forest
  • White box – yellow box – Blakely's red gum woodland

Draft NSW Cleaner Vehicles and Fuels Strategy

Current and projected air quality in NSW: A technical paper supporting the Clean Air Forum 2007

Biodiversity Banking Scheme - Public consultation:

Air Emissions Inventory for the Greater Metropolitan Region in NSW

Private native forestry: advisory notes

  1. Hollow bearing trees
  2. Glossy black-cockatoo
  3. Yellow-bellied glider
  4. Nectar feed trees
  5. Fleshy fruits
  6. Roost and nest trees
  7. Bat roosts
  8. Flying-fox camps
  9. Koala habitat
  10. Old growth forests
  11. Cultural heritage
  12. Biodiversity
  13. Threatened species conservation
  14. Threatened species recovery plans
  15. Spotted-tail quoll


Threatened species assessment guidelines: Assessment of significance guidelines

NSW Green Business Program - Guide for Applicants

Waste tracking fact sheets – Protecting the environment and your business

  • New waste tracking requirements
  • Waste that must be tracked
  • Characterising your waste
  • Waste tracking for waste producers 
  • Waste tracking for authorised agents
  • Waste tracking for waste transporters
  • Transporting waste interstate or overseas
  • Waste tracking for receiving facilities
  • Online waste tracking
NSW Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation Framework


Beachwatch and Harbourwatch: State of the Beaches 2006-2007

Residential Rebate Program brochures & application forms for: rainwater tanks, ceiling insulation, hot water systems


Report into the Construction and Demolition Waste Stream Audit 2000-2005

Private native forestry publications:

  • Code of Practice  
    • Northern NSW
    • Southern NSW
    • River Red Gum Forests
    • Cypress and Western Hardwood Forests
  • Private Native Forestry Code of Practice Fact Sheets:
    • 1: Overview - new arrangements for private native forestry 
    • 2: Transition to the new Code of Practice
    • 3: How to obtain a private native forestry property vegetation plan
  • Private native forestry: some key questions and answers
  • Protocol for re-evaluating old-growth forest on private property
  • Protocol for re-evaluating rainforest on private property
  • Guidelines for assessing regeneration and stocking
  • Techniques for measuring stand height

NSW Litter Report 2006

Discussion Paper: Improving Air Quality through Vapour Recovery at Service Stations in the NSW Greater Metropolitan Region 


NPWS commercial activity licensing review discussion paper

Sustainability Advantage brochure - pinpoint the relevance of sustainability to your business and provide a clear path for environmental action.

Know your responsibilities: managing waste from construction sites

Local government air quality toolkit

Regulatory Impact Statement: Proposed Protection of the Environment (Noise Control) Regulation 2007


Guidelines for biodiversity certification of environmental planning instruments

Assessment of noise from rail infrastructure projects

Protecting our national parks from pests and weeds


Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Groundwater Contamination

Assessment of (Domestic) Food Organics Management

Co-Collection of Domestic Food Waste and Garden Organics – the Australian Experience

Fact sheet: motor-vehicle, remote-sensing emission monitoring


Sydney – City of National Parks (fold-out map)

Walk in the Park

WRAPP - What's new for 2007?

Eco-friendly communities kit

Radiation Advisory Council Annual Report 2005-06

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