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About the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

Guide for NSW Government Agencies: How to prepare a greenhouse gas emissions inventory

Identification Guide to the Australian Odonata

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Renault Nissan Alliance

New South Wales State of the Environment 2009 and summary

Radiation Guideline 7: Radiation shielding design assessment and verification requirements

Review of the Catchment Management Authorities Act 2003

Review of the Native Vegetation Act 2003

Sensitive Species Data Policy

Waste and Environment Levy: Operational guidance notes


A Snapshot of Future Sea Levels: Photographing the king tide

Action for Air 2009 Update

Better Regulation Statement: Expansion of vapour recovery at petrol service stations in the NSW GMR

Coal Washery Rejects Levy Operational Guidance Note

Department of Environment and Climate Change Annual Report 2008-09

Derivation of the NSW Government's Sea Level Rise Planning Benchmarks: Technical note

Draft Guidelines on Incorporating Sea Level Rise Benchmarks into Coastal Hazard Assessment

Draft Guidelines on Incorporating Sea Level Rise Benchmarks into Flood Risk Assessment

Montague Island Seabird Habitat Restoration Project: Proceedings of shared island management workshop

NSW Resource Recovery Industries Survey 2008-09: Paper reprocessing 2008-09

NSW Sea Level Rise Policy Statement

Proposed Biodiversity Certification for the Albury Local Environmental Plan 2009

Radiation Advisory Council Annual Report 2008-09

Radiation Control Amendment (Tanning Units) Regulation 2009: Initial survey and inspection report

Standards and Best Practice Guidelines for Vapour Recovery at Petrol Service Stations


Beachwatch and Harbourwatch State of the Beaches 2008-09

Beachwatch Partnership Program State of the Beaches 2008-09

Disability Action Plan 2009-2012

Draft Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Reptiles

Economic Benefits of National Parks and Other Reserves in NSW: Summary report

Environmental Trust Annual Report 2008-09

Monitoring Manual for Bitou Bush Control and Native Plant Recovery 

Strategic Environmental Compliance and Performance Review: Industry monitoring


Challenges in the Landscape: Memories of conserving historic heritage in the NSW park system, 1967-2000

Climate Change: How will it affect the natural environment in NSW?

Commercial and Industrial Waste in Sydney: Overview

Commercial Licensing of Protected Native Plants in the Cut-flower Industry

Guide to Establishing a BioBank Site

Guide to Using Research in Sustainability Programs

Silvicultural Guidelines: Private Native Forestry Code of Practice

Statement of Intent: Infection of frogs by amphibian chytrid causing the disease chytridiomycosis


Guidelines for Implementing the UPSS (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2008

Native Vegetation Compliance and Enforcement Strategy

Review of the Native Vegetation Act 2003: Discussion paper


BioBanking for Conservationists

BioBanking for Developers

BioBanking for Landholders

Bushfire Hazard Reduction and the Native Vegetation Act 2003

Draft Lower Hawkesbury-Nepean River Nutrient Management Strategy

Draft National Recovery Plan for the Grey-headed Flying-fox

Great Eastern Ranges Initiative Annual Progress Report 2007-08

Hawkesbury-Nepean River Environmental Monitoring Program Final Technical Report

Interim Construction Noise Guideline

Native Vegetation Assistance Package for Private Native Forestry

NSW Annual Report on Native Vegetation 2008

Parks Eco Pass: Information guide, fast facts and FAQs 


Achieve a Sustainability Advantage

Burrawang Walk: Botany and bush tucker

Easy Green Cleaning: Create your own Eden (English and community languages)

Easy Recycling: Create your own Eden (English and community languages)

Environmentally Friendly Seawalls: A guide to improving the environmental value of seawalls and seawall-lined foreshores in estuaries

Guidance for Licensing of Mineral-sand Mining that Generates Radioactive Residues

Guidelines on the Duty to Report Contamination Under the NSW Contaminated Land Management Act 1997

How to Make Your Seawall More Environmentally Friendly

Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme Performance Report 2007-08

Know Your Responsibilities: Managing garden waste

NSW Budget Highlights: 2009-10

NSW Diffuse Source Water Pollution Strategy

NSW Diffuse Source Water Pollution Strategy Priority Action Plan

Salinity Audit: Upland catchments of the NSW Murray-Darling Basin

There Were Always People Here: A history of Yuraygir National Park

Vertebrate Fauna of the Wollangambe and Upper Wolgan Area


Easy Composting: Create your own Eden (English and community languages)

Easy Worm Farming: Create your own Eden (English and community languages)

Practice Note for Using Spatial Information in LEPs to Protect and Manage Environmentally Sensitive Lands: Murray-Murrumbidgee Region

Proposed Marine Parks Regulation 2009: Regulatory Impact Statement

Sustainable Advantage Energy Saver

The Marvel of Mulch: Create your own Eden (English and community languages)

Waste Service Performance Improvement Payments Guide

WRAPP Reporting Guidelines 2009


Household Chemical CleanOut - Annual Report

Interim Community Consultation Requirements for Applicants

Draft Duty to Report Contamination Guidelines

Lower Hunter Regional Conservation Plan 

Sustainable Property Guide


BioBanking Assessment Methodology and Credit Calculator Operational Manual

Know Your Printing Paper: A guide to purchasing recycled content printing paper for corporate stationery and promotional materials

Proposed Pesticides Regulation 2009: Regulatory Impact Statement

Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Performance Report 2008


The NSW Murray-Darling Basin Salinity Audit 2009:

  • Current and predicted minimum and maximum extents of land salinisation in the upland NSW portion of the Murray-Darling Basin
  • 2006 Stream EC trend analysis for inland NSW
  • Climatic influence on shallow fractured-rock groundwater systems in the Murray-Darling Basin, NSW

Draft Guideline 7: Radiation Shielding Design Assessment and Verification Requirements

BioBanking and other conservation options for private land


Evaluation Framework for CMA Natural Resource Management

Know Your Paper: A guide to purchasing recycled content office paper

Proposed Biodiversity Certification for the Draft Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 2008

Protecting and Restoring Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub

Radiation Advisory Council Annual Report 2007-08 

Review of the NSW Radiation Control Act: A discussion paper


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