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Native Vegetation Information Strategy 2014-2018

The aim of this strategy is to enable better conservation, planning and regulation through easy access to consistent, relevant and scientifically robust native vegetation information.

There are eight strategic objectives:

1. Update and implement rigorous standards for describing, recording and mapping of vegetation at all scales and in all regions across the state.

2. Provide data, tools and state-wide reference layers for use in a variety of vegetation classification or mapping tasks.

3. Refine and assemble a complete and internally consistent Plant Community Type classification for NSW that is defined quantitatively, where possible.

4. Deliver improved baseline maps of extent, type and condition of native vegetation for all of NSW.

5. Produce fine scale localised maps on a prioritised basis that conform to agreed standards and progressively improve and refine state-wide maps.

6. Support and encourage external mapping and classification projects to conform to OEH standards and contribute data to NSW VIS.

7. Provide a customer focussed environment for discovering, using and contributing to native vegetation information.

8. Improve utility of native vegetation information for environmental assessment; strategic land use planning and land management decisions; compliance activities; priority setting and investment.


For more information about the Strategy visit Native Vegetation Information Strategy 2014-2018


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