I have found a banded bird or bat. Where do I report this?

The Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme (ABBBS), run by Environment Australia in the ACT, takes reports about living or dead bird and bat sightings.

Contact ABBS:
By phone: (02) 6274 2407
Online: Reporting banded birds and bats form

Why band?

Bands supplied by ABBBS are put on birds and bats by researchers studying the animals' habits. The band, which is individually numbered, is usually placed around the lower leg.

The ABBBS collates the information collected on banded animal sightings to understand migratory bird and bat species. It has collected over two million records since banding started in 1953.

Caution: Never touch or pick up a bat or flying fox as some carry the bat lyssavirus, a disease related to rabies. Only vaccinated people trained in bat care should handle these animals.