How do I stop a cockatoo from attacking my property?

Flocks of sulphur crested cockatoos are known to aggressively attack wood on trees, decks, outdoor furniture, window sills and houses. Such destruction is common, particularly in spring. There are many theories why they do this, but they do like to chew, particularly soft woods used for building, such as cedar.

How to deter cockatoos

Cockatoos are very intelligent and a well-planned strategic program needs to be set up to deter them.

  • don't feed them - they will congregate where there is food and leave when the supply is gone, so check no one else nearby is feeding them
  • make a scarecrow that looks like a bird of prey
  • string fishing line over the area - this makes it hard for them to land
  • paint any timber white - they do not like it
  • give them a quick spray with a water bottle or hose
  • hang netting over the affected area
  • use taped alarm calls or a motion-activated alarm (providing it does not disturb your neighbours).

Persist until the birds go - this may take more than a week.