How do I report destruction of Aboriginal artefacts or sites?

If the act is still in progress, call the police: 000.

Find your local police

If not, contact Environment Line at any time.
By phone: 131 555
By email:

Note any details:

  • location of the site
  • what was damaged
  • details of the destruction
  • any photos or video footage
  • if you witnessed anyone causing the damage, descriptions and any details of the people involved (height, weight, age, clothing, identifying features).


Aboriginal cultural heritage in NSW is protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. Under the Act it is an offence to harm (destroy, deface, or damage) or desecrate an Aboriginal object or Aboriginal place, or in relation to an object, move the object from the land on which is has been situated.

Finding Aboriginal artefacts

If you find an Aboriginal artefact, you must leave it where it is and report the artefact and its location to the Office of Environment and Heritage. Penalties exist for anyone who knowingly or blatantly takes or collects Aboriginal artefacts.