How do I dispose of or recycle old tyres?

Some landfill sites or tyre outlets accept old tyres for recycling. They may charge a small fee and have limits on quantity. Contact local businesses in your area to find out options. If you're buying new tyres, ask the sales person to include taking your old tyres in the quote.

Contact your local Council or nearby waste facilities to find out about tyre recycling and disposal in your area. 

See also Planet Ark’s Recycling Directory 

Tip: Never allow old tyres to stockpile - they provide habitat for breeding mosquitoes and are an extreme fire hazard.

What are tyres recycled into?

Some tyre cases may be suitable for retreading. Old tyres are ground up and used to make secondary products such as asphalt, aggregate for cement, artificial reefs, footwear, useful plastic and rubber composites, and cushioning material in playgrounds.

Dumping tyres

If you suspect someone is illegally dumping tyres or taking them to a place that cannot lawfully accept waste tyres, contact Environment Line at any time.
By phone: 131 555
By email:

Tyre retailer and retreader responsibilities