How can I stay cool for less this summer?

Change the way you cool your home

Be a fan of the fan

Use fans instead of (or with) air conditioners.

Warm up your air conditioning

If you use air conditioning how cool do you set it? Setting it to 23°C or higher is the ideal temperature. Each degree lower can add 10 per cent to the cost of running it.

Close the door on heat

Only cooling the rooms you're using saves money. If your air conditioner has zoning, use it and keep doors to other rooms closed. It also means your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard when you get home.

Make a curtain call

Closing windows and blinds before the air conditioning starts, keeps the heat out on hot days. During the hottest part of the day, a window can absorb 10 times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall. Thick curtains also help to stop heat entering the home through windows.

Change your routine

Take a break

To help reduce the need for expensive air conditioning, try putting off jobs like cooking, washing and ironing to the cooler part of the day.

Strip off to keep cool

Wearing cooler clothing that contains natural fibres - cotton, silk and wool can be more comfortable in summer months.

Change your home

Block out the heat

Shade the external windows to keep the sun out of your home with awnings, external blinds or plants and trees. This gives you a head start to a cool home. Start on the western face of your home, which is the hottest in summer.

Draught proofing to keep warm air out and cool air in

Seal any gaps by using products like draught excluders, draught and weather strips, and draught or weather seals. These are available from your local hardware store. Focus on external doors and windows.

Insulate and chill out

A well-insulated home can be seven degrees cooler if insulated effectively. Insulation can save a three-bedroom home over $150 a year in electricity costs. Insulate in your ceilings, external walls and floors and cover all surfaces and corners too.

Choose an energy efficient air conditioner

Every extra star on the energy rating label can save around 10 per cent on the running costs of an air conditioner.

Selecting an energy efficient air conditioner

Energy rating calculator