Can I use a generator while camping in a national park?

Generators can only be used in NSW national parks with consent from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

The use of generators in NSW national parks is discouraged: they are generally noisy and because they run on flammable fuel, they pose a bushfire risk.

In some parks generators may be banned by the park plan of management or by signs posted in the park. Contact the park visitor centre to enquire about a ban.

Tip: Consider using portable solar panels to run camp fridges and recharge lights. They may cost more initially but are free to run and save the need to carry fuel.

Requesting consent to use a generator

Generators may be allowed on an individual basis if genuinely needed for essential medical equipment. You will need proof and consent will not be granted where prohibited.

Request consent by contacting the park visitor centre.

If you have questions, contact the Environment Line.
By phone: 1300 361 967
By email:

Using a generator without consent from NPWS is an offence.