Where can I go whale watching in NSW?

Whales can be sighted from land or boat. Any headland in NSW with an unobstructed ocean view can provide a good vantage point. Take some good binoculars. Look along the horizon for blows.

When you can see whales in NSW

Whales can be seen off the NSW coast during their migrations:

  • between May and July, heading north and
  • from September to November, on their way back to the Antarctic.

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Volunteer to help whale research

If you would like to help whale research, you can participate in NPWS' annual whale count in Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

Learn more about whales

Land-viewing locations

In the Sydney area

Along the NSW coast

About whales

Humpback and southern right whales migrate annually along the NSW coast. The best months to see them are June to July (when they are heading north) and September to November (heading south).

Other species that may be seen in NSW are:

  • minke whale
  • blue whale
  • sei whale
  • fin whale
  • false killer whale
  • orca (killer whale)
  • sperm whale
  • pygmy right whale
  • pygmy sperm whale
  • Brydes whale.