Where can I get information about plants and animals native to NSW?

NSW BioNet, incorporating the Atlas of NSW, allows you to search online for government-held information about plants and animals in NSW.

You can search by location or by type of animal or plant. The atlas is the Office of Environment and Heritage's (OEH's) database of flora and fauna records. The atlas contains records of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, some invertebrates and some fish.


OEH has information on NSW fauna.

The Australian Museum has extensive information about Australian animals. It also offers a phone service for enquiries about native animals through its Search and Discover program, call: 02 9320 6202 or send an online enquiry.

View the Australian Museum's animal resources



The Royal Botanic Gardens maintains a free online plant database which has considerable information on NSW plants.

View the PlantNET databases


The Gardens also offer a plant identification service over the counter, by mail or fax (there is a fee).

Reference book

The most comprehensive reference book for NSW plants is the four-volume guidebook, Flora of New South Wales. It can be purchased from Royal Botanic Gardens shops.

Plants in your area

If you need information on locally native plants in your area, contact your local council. They will have lists of species and some offer seedlings for growing native gardens.

View a list of NSW councils