What licences do I need to start a business?

The licences required in NSW depend on the type of business. Start-up packs and common licence information is available online.

See the NSW business licence information service

The Office of Environment and Heritage's guide to licensing covers environmental aspects of business.

For more advice, contact Environment Line.
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Business licensing process

In general you will need to approach the planning section of the council in which you intend to operate a business to determine whether it will require development approval. Once this process commences, council will be able to determine whether the business requires an Environment Protection Licence with the EPA and the process will be directed to EPA at that point.

View a list of NSW councils

Commercial activity in a national park

If you wish to operate commercially within a National Park, see information about running a commercial activity in a national park.

For more information, contact Environment Line.
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By email: commercial.enquiries@environment.nsw.gov.au