Where can I report littering from a motor vehicle?

If you see litter being thrown or blown from a motor vehicle, you can report it:

Submitting your report

The first time you submit a report you will be asked to register your contact details with the EPA so we can contact you if necessary.

You need to report the following details:

  • vehicle registration details (number, state)
  • description of the vehicle (type, make, model, colour)
  • date, time and location of the observation
  • occupant of the vehicle who ejected the litter
  • type of litter discarded or blown from the vehicle (for example, cigarette butt, bottle, plastic bottle).

Tip: If you don't have pen and paper handy, use the recording function on your mobile phone to make notes about the vehicle and incident. If you are driving, ask a passenger to record the details.

After the report

Once the observed vehicle's details are matched with the vehicle registration details, the owner of the vehicle will be sent a penalty notice, imposing a fine.

More information

Find out more about reporting littering from vehicles.

Littering outside of motor vehicles or public places

If persons are observed deposting litter outside their vehicle or in a public place that is a small item, including a confectionery wrapper, cigarette packet, ATM statement or bus or train ticket or deposit litter that is an unlit or extinguished cigarette they will need to be observed by a Local Council authorised officer to be given an on the spot fine of $80. The EPA does not take reports on line.