Which national parks are suitable for wheelchairs?

Many national parks in NSW offer wheelchair-accessible campgrounds, tracks, toilets, picnic areas, lookouts, visitor centres and more. Many facilities are useful for people with reduced mobility or who are sight impaired.

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Difficulty ratings

Each site has a difficulty rating, based on its accessibility for average wheelchair users.

Easy: access is free of obstacles such as steps, rough terrain or significant slopes, and may have ramps or boardwalks.

Medium: access presents some minor difficulties, such as a grassy surface. However, you should be able to get around without assistance.

Hard: access is via steps or a steep slope, or you'll have to move across a rough surface (with potholes, tree roots, rocks and/or similar obstacles). Assistance will be necessary.

Companion Card program

Through our Companion Card program, companions (carers) of visitors who hold a Companion Card will not be charged admission or participation fees for services and activities in national parks and reserves.

Botanic gardens

For information on access for people with disabilities to the state's three botanic gardens visit: