What can I do about noisy neighbours?

You can often stop any neighbourhood noise from disturbing you without involving the authorities. Discuss the problem with your neighbour first. The brochure 'Dealing with neighbourhood noise' outlines the steps you can take to prevent noise issues.


If the problem persists, contact a Community Justice Centre (CJC). These centres specialise in settling differences between neighbours. They can arrange mediation between yourself, the person responsible for the noise issue and a CJC representative to help solve the problem. This process is free and has a high success rate.

Contact your local authority

If the person responsible for the noise won't attend mediation or the noise problem continues despite mediation, contact the local council or police. They have the powers to deal with neighbourhood noise and can issue on-the-spot fines for breaches.

View a list of NSW councils

Contact the local police station
By phone: 131 444

Seek a noise abatement order

If you want to take action independently of the council, you can seek a noise abatement order from the local court. There are fees for applying for a noise abatement order.

Local court directory

Information about seeking noise abatement orders