Where can I obtain an animal?

In NSW you can acquire animals from other licensed keepers or pet shops that have a special fauna dealer licence to trade in either native reptiles or birds.

To find the keepers in your area, contact a herpetological society or avicultural society.

View a list of pet shops licensed to trade in native reptiles and birds.

Buying or selling an animal interstate

Licences to engage in trading native animals across state borders are available from the Department. A new interstate import or export licence is needed for each consignment of animals and allows the licensee one month to complete the transaction.

Apply online: Licenses to import or export animals are available online and are issued within 24 hours by email for class 1 animals. A 10% discount applies to all online transactions. These take up to 14 days to process.

Download and print application (PDF 115KB): Alternatively you can apply by completing an application form and returning it by post or fax to the Wildlife Team. These applications can take up to 21 days to process.

Rescuing or holding sick or injured animals

Neither the Native Animal Keepers' nor Companion Keepers' type of licence authorises relocating or caring for sick or injured animals that have been rescued from the wild. Wildlife that comes into care is returned to the wild.

These services are provided by licensed wildlife carer groups whose members specialise in caring for sick and injured wildlife. New members are always welcome.