How can I become a park ranger?

Rangers working for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) coordinate, implement and supervise projects to manage the natural, historic and Aboriginal heritage conservation of an area. This includes helping visitors and community members and providing educational information. Rangers implement the functions, policies and legislative requirements of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).


Some of the qualities and skilled required to work as a ranger include:

  • a degree or equivalent qualification relevant to the agency's field operations
  • organisational and project management skills and the ability to work as part of a multi-function team
  • to understand OEH policies and procedures and issues about natural and cultural heritage conservation
  • a knowledge of OEH's statutory obligations as they apply to conservation of natural, Aboriginal and cultural heritage and resources
  • the ability to undertake environmental assessments and law enforcement
  • the ability to undertake environmental assessments
  • superior communication skills including verbal skills for liaising with the community and stakeholders, writing reports on conservation matters, along with strong negotiating, community relations and liaison abilities.
  • a driver's licence and the ability to operate four-wheel-drive vehicles
  • a capacity to undertake incident management duties, including fire fighting.

Cadetships and traineeships

OEH offers traineeships and Indigenous cadetships. Traineeships are work-based training programs involving relevant work experience, training and mentorship. Cadetships involve full-time study and practical work experience. A cadet ranger assists with programs to protect the natural, Aboriginal and historic heritage, including wildlife protection, ecological restoration and park management. Cadets and trainees may be offered a permanent placement with OEH after successfully completing their program.

Contact the Learning and Development Section on (02) 9585 6994.


Vacancies are advertised on the NSW government jobs website.

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