What can I do to prevent my dog from barking too much?

The 'Dealing with barking dogs' booklet outlines the steps you can take to prevent excessive barking.

A well cared for dog will generally not bark unreasonably and disturb neighbours. You can care for your dog by ensuring that they have:

  • enough space to move freely in an enclosed backyard,
  • a place of their own,
  • adequate shelter, and
  • regular exercise.

If you feel that a dog is well cared for, but continues to bark excessively, there are several things that can be tried:

  • remove direct line of sight between the dog and children or animals, as looking at other animals or children may provoke barking
  • take the dog to a recognised animal trainer to discourage bad habits
  • provide noise insulation for the kennel
  • take the dog to the vet - it may be sick.

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More information

The RSPCA website provides more information about proper care and management of dogs.