How can I cut my power bill?

There are plenty of simple things you can do to reduce your power bill. Just hanging your washing out on a line to dry instead of using your clothes dryer can save you up to $415 per year.

Other actions that don’t cost anything but can deliver big savings include:

  • switching lights off in areas not being used can save you around $120 per year
  • shortening your shower by three minutes can save about $45 per person per year
  • switching off your second fridge for six months of the year in winter can save you up to $155 per year
  • switching appliances and equipment off at the power point, such as mobile phone chargers, televisions, set-top boxes, microwave ovens, games consoles, DVD players etc can save you about $150 per year
  • as a lot of heat escapes through windows, using close-fitting curtains will keep the heat inside, saving roughly $60 a year
  • closing off areas of your house that don't need to be heated or cooled can save a further $90 a year.

There are many other things you can do:

  • replace your air conditioner with a ceiling fan and save about $165 per year
  • use a fan with an air conditioner to make it more efficient
  • replace your electric hot water system with a solar-powered hot water system and reduce your annual power bill by about $180
  • install ceiling insulation in your roof to save around $150 per year.
  • recycle your second fridge or upright freezer with Fridge Buyback and save up to $300 a year.