Where can I find resources for drought-proofing my property?

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (Agriculture) has information on drought preparedness and fact sheets on drought management for farmers.

DPI drought related resources.

Tactical drought preparedness

Every farm operator will respond to drought in their own way. The best way to prepare for drought is to implement a plan for drought preparedness. Make it part of the property management plan. Consider such options as selective destocking, stock contingency plans (buying feed, selling or agisting stock) and reduced grazing.

Many things need to be examined in making your property more drought-resistant, such as current usage, land capability, paddock condition, availability of reserve feed paddocks, soil type and regeneration potential current crops. Consider also the available financial resources, farming goals and risk of drought.

Water efficiency

By improving water efficiency on farms it is possible to reduce pressure on drinking water supplies, save money and improve river health.

CSIRO is working to help improve farming productivity and water efficiency during drought.

Discover more about CSIRO's findings.


The National Museum of Australia explores the question: Can we drought-proof Australia?