How can I get something done about road traffic noise?

Local roads

Report traffic noise from local roads to the local council. View a list of NSW councils

Main roads

If you are seriously affected by road traffic noise from a main road, you can submit an application for the Roads and Maritime Services noise abatement program.

Download the noise abatement program application form

Find out more about the Roads and Maritime Services noise abatement program

Noise from road maintenance

If the noise is from road construction and maintenance activities is:

If this does not resolve the issue, contact the Environment Line.
By phone: 131 555
By email:

Road noise policy

Road noise issues come under the NSW Road Noise Policy (PDF 1.36MB). It contains strategies to address the issue of traffic noise from new and existing roads , and developments that generate traffic. It aims to protect residents in quiet areas experiencing large increases in noise from road projects and guides strategies to minimise road traffic noise.