How is Saving our Species funded?

The NSW Government has committed $100 million to Saving our Species to fund priority conservation projects from July 2016 to June 2021 with additional investment from the Environmental Trust.

In 2016–17, over 260 projects throughout NSW will be funded.

Initial funding will focus on three groups:

  • site-managed species, where a species on a specific site can be protected by making the site secure and managing the recovery of the species
  • data-deficient species, where research is needed to understand more about them so they can be allocated to another management stream
  • iconic species, which are highly valued by the community; all projects for species in this stream will be funded.

As the program progresses, funding will be allocated to other species, ecological communities and key threatening processes.


Saving our Species 2016-2021

The NSW Government is investing $100 million over five years in saving more threatened animals and plants from extinction. The funds are allocated from 2016 to 2021 to Saving our Species, NSW’s leading threatened species conservation program.