Where do I report a smoky vehicle exhaust?

You can report any vehicle you see in NSW emitting a continuous stream of visible smoke for longer than 10 seconds to the Environment Line at any time.
By phone: 131 555
Online: Smoky vehicle reporting form
Mobile app: Download Report to EPA

Before reporting

You will be asked to provide the following details:

  • your contact information
  • vehicle registration details (number, state)
  • decription of the vehicle (type, make, model, colour)
  • date, time and location of the observation
  • the colour and duration of the smoke observed

Tip: If you don't have pen and paper handy, use the recording function on your mobile phone to make notes about the vehicle and incident. If you are driving, ask a passenger to record the details.

After the report

Once the observed vehicle's details are matched with a vehicle registration, the owner of the vehicle will be sent an advisory letter.

More information

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