How can I be more water efficient?

In the house

  1. Keep drinking water in the fridge to avoid running water down the sink.
  2. Take shorter showers and turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving.
  3. Thaw frozen foods in fridge or microwave, not under the tap.
  4. Wash vegetables or rinse dishes in a plugged sink.
  5. Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when full, using the economy cycle.
  6. Turn taps off firmly and replace washers as soon as they start leaking.
  7. Install a water-efficient showerhead and fit tap aerators to taps to reduce usage.
  8. Repair any leaking toilets and use the half-flush.
  9. Buy new appliances with a high water-efficiency rating.
  10. Detect hidden leaks: record the numbers on your water meter before bed and again in the morning. If you used no water and the numbers differ, there could be a hidden leak.

In the garden

  1. Select the plants most compatible to your area.
  2. Group plants with similar watering needs together.
  3. Use a watering can or a trigger nozzle on a hose to water the garden.
  4. Compost kitchen scraps and garden waste.
  5. Mulch around plants to reduce water evaporation.
  6. Wash the car on the lawn to water and fertilise the grass.
  7. Double your soil's water holding ability by increasing its depth, making it less compacted and adding composted organic material.
  8. Remove weeds quickly - they are water thieves.
  9. Install a rainwater tank.
  10. Install a grey-water reuse system for watering gardens and washing cars.

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