What regulations apply to wood-burning heaters in the home?

The Clean Air Regulation requires all new solid fuel home slow combustion heaters sold in NSW (local and imported) to comply with the Australian Standard for pollution emissions (AS 4013), see the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010.

Local regulations about where and how wood heaters and chimneys can be installed also apply. As these can vary, contact your local council to check before installing a wood heater. Some councils keep a register of licensed installers who will certify heaters are installed to the standard.

View a list of NSW councils.

Wood smoke

Smoke from wood heaters is a major source of air pollution. Wood smoke contains noxious gases (including carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, fine particles and a range of organic compounds, some of which are toxic or carcinogenic).

Reporting wood smoke

Issues with excessive smoke from domestic wood burning can be reported to the local council. Councils can issue smoke abatement notices to direct residents to prevent excessive emissions of wood smoke.

View a list of NSW councils.