North Head Quarantine Station management plans

The following plans outline the direction for the management of the conservation and adaptive reuse project of the North Head Quarantine Station in Sydney Harbour National Park.

Wharf, Visitor Centre, Q Station North Head Sydney Harbour National
1 March 2005
Publication, Conservation management plan

The North Head Quarantine Station is a series of heritage-listed buildings located within a 30 hectare site at North Head near Manly and is part of Sydney Harbour National Park.

The complex operated as a quarantine station from 1832 to 1984. Quarantine was a period of isolation imposed upon ships and persons on arrival at a port when they were liable to be or suspected of carrying an infectious or contagious disease. Quarantine stations, where the period of detention was spent, were established at each of the major ports of entry to Australia, and for some migrants the first experience of their new country was to be detained in a quarantine station. During its life 580 ships were detained at North Head and more than 13,000 people were quarantined.

Today, the site offers accommodation, tours, restaurants and conference/event facilities.

Visitor management plan

Environmental management plan

Conservation works program

Heritage landscape management plan

Integrated monitoring and adaptive management

Interpretation Plan

The Quarantine Station – Interpretation Plan (PDF 2.63MB) for the conservation and adaptive re-use of the North Head Quarantine Station.

North Head Quarantine Station Comprehensive Audits

Comprehensive audits are to be conducted every 5 years from the commencement of the conservation and adaptive reuse project in accordance with the Ministers Conditions of Approval (MCoA) 228.

The Lease commenced in 2006. Capital works commenced on the site in early 2007 and the hotel and associated facilities commenced operation in April 2008.

North Head Quarantine Station Annual Environmental Reports

In accordance with the Conditions of Approval, the Quarantine Station Annual Sustainability Report summarises the operational performance of the North Head Quarantine Station conservation and adaptive reuse project, which is being undertaken within Sydney Harbour National Park.

Visitor information

Visit the Quarantine Station website Q Station for more information.

Photo: Wharf, Q Station, North Head, Sydney Harbour National Park (previously known as North Head Quarantine Station) / J Yurasek/DPE