Survey of local businesses servicing NSW marine parks

In 2010, the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, on behalf of the Marine Parks Authority, commissioned Arche Consulting to survey local businesses that provide goods and services associated with marine park visitation and marine park management.

The project collected and analysed data for Cape Byron, Port Stephens Great lakes, Jervis Bay, Batemans Bay, Lord Howe Islands and Solitary Islands Marine Parks.

Arche surveyed 195 businesses, employing nearly 1,500 people. Businesses surveyed included accommodation providers, retailers (e.g. bait and tackle, boat supplies), food services (e.g. cafes, restaurants) and providers of marine based experiences (fishing charters, diving, mammal watching).

Summary of findings

The survey found the majority of local business customers were visitors, and more than half of businesses thought marine parks had a positive impact on their turnover.

Management of marine parks was also important, with estimated spending of $0.8 million per annum in local economies. Most marine parks employed the equivalent of 6-8 full-time staff, contributing more than $0.5 million in wages to local economies.

The project also revealed significant opportunities to improve links between local businesses and marine park managers. In particular, opportunities exist to discuss strategic objectives for business engagement across marine park areas as a whole. The reports also provide ideas for marine park managers to increase their visitors' awareness of each park.

Download the reports

The overview report (PDF 303KB) summarises the survey results and provides an analysis of common themes across the marine parks.

Six companion reports were also prepared, one for each marine park: