Community attitudes to renewable energy

What do NSW citizens think about renewable energy? How much do they know? Read our report 'Community Attitudes to Renewable Energy in NSW' to find out.

Snapshot of key survey findings

Most respondents support electricity generation from renewable technologies

There was overwhelming support for the use of renewable energy across NSW. Nine out of 10 respondents strongly supported (49%) or supported (43%) electricity generation from renewables. 

Most respondents want more renewable energy

Eighty-three per cent of survey respondents wanted more electricity generated from renewable sources over the next 5 years. Only 3% wanted less. 

Most respondents were aware of specific renewable energy technologies

Solar and wind were the renewable energy technologies most respondents were aware of.

Most respondents supported the development of wind and solar farms, even close to home

Respondents outside the Sydney, Newcastle and Illawarra metro areas were asked about their support for wind and solar farms. Even within 2 kilometres of where they lived, 59% supported wind farm development and 78% supported solar farms.

Read the Community Attitudes to Renewable Energy survey report.