Energy Efficiency Training Program evaluation

The Energy Efficiency Training Program ran for four years from 2009 and was jointly managed by the former OEH and the NSW Department of Education and Communities. It was a $20 million component of the NSW Government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy.

The program was designed to improve workforce skills and knowledge in energy efficiency, encourage industry to take a lead in skills development, and provide professional development for educators, trainers and assessors teaching energy efficiency.

Why this matters…

  • The NSW Government program was a huge success, recently winning an international award for improving business understanding of energy efficiency.
  • More than 7400 people completed a tertiary education training course provided by the program, and 6700 completed other forms of training or education. 
  • Three-quarters of participants in industry partnership projects said the training led to changes in work practices or technologies.


Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency Training Program – Year 2 Annual Report (PDF 3.5MB)
Report by Urbis Pty Ltd

Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency Training Program – Year 3 Annual Report (PDF 6.5MB)
Report by Urbis Pty Ltd