Energy Saver Program evaluation

Energy Saver conducts energy efficiency audits for businesses.

Energy efficiency audits are used to provide in-depth technical advice and support for energy-saving projects, increase businesses’ energy productivity and cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Why this matters…

  • Ninety-eight per cent of participants would recommend Energy Saver to others.
  • Four out of five participants said the program helped them overcome barriers to implementing energy efficiency.
  • More than half of the participants implemented energy efficiency improvements beyond the scope of the audit report.


OEH Energy Saver Program Evaluation 2012 – Final Report (PDF 1.95MB)
Report by Databuild

Energy Saver Program – Participant progress and transaction costs 2015 (PDF 2.0MB)
Report by Databuild

Measurement and verification of savings from select Energy Saver audits 2015 (PDF 777KB)
Report by Energetics